Abracadabra: Language, Memory, Representation


Assignment 2: Ongoing Assignment

Due Date: Every Friday

This assignment will give you a chance to keep track of the readings and the concepts of the class, and to practice writing. For each reading, find one phrase or word or concept or argument and rewrite it in your own terms. The item you pick should be precise, and your re-definition should relate it to the context of the reading it comes from. Try not to go overboard, keep in mind these three suggestions:

  1. Pick something you find confusing or counter-intuitive. Write what you think it means, then write what you think the author means by it. Bring it to class for discussion on Fridays.
  2. Pick terms or ideas that appear more than once. Read the assignments through first, then go back and look for a term or idea that was used consistently in the text. This will also help you distinguish the key arguments of an article from the obscure references or less important ideas.
  3. Remember that the purpose is to rewrite in your own terms, which does not mean simply replacing words with other words, it means challenging yourself to explain the idea at least as clearly as the author. The proof of your ability to do this will be discussion on Fridays, where you can use these exercises to help your fellow students understand the readings.
Christopher Kelty
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