How to use the CiteULike bibliography for Anth 320

CiteULike is a shared bibliography. Each user posts his own bibliographic entries (usually not the whole paper), and adds tags that help categorize it. All entries are public so that the whole corpus is available to everyone.

Many different databases work with CiteUlike, such as JSTOR and Anthrosource, Amazon and Project Muse. You can fill in all the details yourself, of better, get a bookmarklet that allows you to simply "post to citeUlike" whenever you find an interesting source.

Tags are Important! In order for this to work as a class-based bibliography, it's important to add tags to your entries so that people can find it. You'll notice that I've used the tag "anth320" so that all the things with that tag can be found on this page. If you add the tag "anth320" your entries will sho wup there too.

Finally, if you use EndNote, with Word, (or Latex, if you are a geek like me) you can export a list of citations so that you can add them to your

Christopher M. Kelty
Last modified: Mon Jan 8 13:17:58 CST 2007